Monday, 13 October 2008

Genghis Kong vs. Japanese Internet Providers

Sadly, the internet at my dormitory has died. It died on Saturday and Monday was a national holiday so the dorm manager hasn`t been in all weekend, so I haven`t had any internet for ages! I am now in the University media library where they do have internets, but their keyboards are all confusing and messed up, and none of my photos are here, so I can`t be doing a proper post here. This is a shame because I`ve been up to lots and lots of exciting things this weekend. A brief summary for you:
  • I ate raw whale meat at a rotating sushi bar
  • I went to see a Kabuki play
  • I ate Yakitori in Piss Alley
  • I sang karaoke in a strange little bar with old, old Japanese women
  • I went to a University baseball game
  • I went to a drinking party
  • I went bowling
  • I sat in my room on my own drinking beer and playing StarCraft for hours

So as you can see, there is lots for me to write about, but it`ll have to wait until my computer situation gets back to normal. Hopefully when I go home this afternoon the manager will have already fixed it, and it`ll be business as usual chez Kong.

On another (unrelated) note, do you ever get that weird thing when your eyelid spasms a little bit? You know, the weird twitching sensation that doesn`t hurt at all but is really really annoying? I`ve had that in my left eye for 5 days now. I`m starting to lose my patience/my mind. It`s intensely irritating and distracting.

Well, anyhoo, must run. More Genghis goodness coming up shortly, hopefully.

Ta-ra for now,

Geng x


oli_on_his_travels said...

yeah, I've had that twitchy eye thing. It's well annoying. Don't think I've ever had it for 5 days though.

pluginrocketbabydoll said...

twitchy eye is usually just tiredness. or stress. or caffeine overload. or generally a combination of the three in my case.

any of those ring true?

did you leave any time to sleep in between eating raw whale and singing to old japanese women?

Jethro said...

Twitchy eye? Maybe you're dying piece by piece and your eyelid is the first thing to go.