Thursday, 6 November 2008

Genghis Kong vs. Barack Obama

As some of you may have heard, Barack Obama just won the US presidential elections.

I felt I ought to do something to mark the occasion, so I am writing this brief congratulatory message. To properly convey my jubilation at this moment, I am enlisting the help of the Anyone Brothers Band and their recent song Obama is Beautiful World, recorded especially for these elections.

I hope you will enjoy the beautiful music, high production values, excellent use of correct English grammar and well-choreographed dance routines which can be seen in this truly breathtaking music video.

Peace, love and Yes We Can,
Jeng xxx


Laura said...

you weren't wrong about it being breathtaking. i could barely breathe for laughing the whole time i was watching it. i think my favourite bit was when the man with the pink maracas hit the man with the dolphin helmet then the other guy came and hit them both and then they all had a lovely cuddle. what a beautiful moment. and you wouldn't have though that little boat could have made it across the ocean and back, but it did! wow. i'll be cracking out the OBAMA dance this weekend in manchester i think...

Simon said...
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Simon said...

This is because there is actually a little town called Obama in Kyushu - they were overjoyed when the actual Obama won the presidency and decided to have speeches, parties etc, and probably a singing contest for their new tourist campaign.
For some reason the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Obama were in Nagoya a couple of days ago according to my teacher.

Up said...
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