Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Genghis Kong vs. Coffee


Brief hangover grumble time.

I did my shopping at about 6am this morning, having been to all-night all-you-can-drink karaoke and I woke up this afternoon to discover that I had bought the wrong bloody coffee. By "wrong" I mean the kind of coffee that requires some kind of coffee apparatus to convert it from powder format into a stimulating morning beverage. I do not own any manner of coffee apparatus, and so my morning beverage is proving significantly less than stimulating.

I also have a headache and I'm extremely hungry.

Yesterday I learnt that dancing vigorously to your own iPod in the street is considered strange behaviour in Japan. To be honest, it would be considered strange just about anywhere, I think, but it somehow seemed appropriate at the time. Dubstep just has that effect on me (when I'm drunk).

And one last thing - when am I allowed to start smoking again? It's been 4 months since I quit, so I've succeeded, right? I've definitely, definitely quit, proven that I'm not addicted and that I'm a better man and don't need to smoke etc etc, so can I smoke again now please? Grumble grumble I'm gonna keep on not-smoking, of course, but just recently cigarettes have started looking and smelling really appealing. Not to mention fucking cool.

I mean, it's just not fair! Who would be so cruel as to make something so detrimental to your health so fucking cool-looking? If smokers didn't look so awesome all the time I would not be having this crisis of will, I'm sure.

Anyway I'm hungry, so I'm going to count how much cash I have left from last night, weep a little, and then decide whether to go out for noodles or stay in and eat pasta based on which remnants of a 10,000yen note I find in my pocket.

Genghis Kang

PS. Short post, written with a hangover about nothing in particular. Would you, Dear Reader, prefer lots of little posts like this one, or continue with the weekly/fortnightly/monthly epics? Please let me know.

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epics, but knocked out daily. boom...