Friday, 19 September 2008

Genghis Kong vs. The Japanese Imperial Navy

Another short one, I'm afraid.

I went to the Japanese Imperial War Museum yesterday, which offered some very interesting perspectives on World War 2. I also visited Yasukuni Jinja Shrine - the highly controversial shrine dedicated to all Japanese military personnel who died in service, included a number of convicted war criminals.

So I decided to commemorate my little excursion by buying a little souvenir.

This is a small beer mug emblazoned with the Japanese Imperial Flag and the Battleship Yamato - flagship of the Japanese Imperial Navy during WW2. I felt that we Westerners don't do enough to commemorate the important role Japan played in World War 2, but this way I will be reminded of it every time I take a sip of cool, refreshing beer.

How's that for a bad-taste souvenir? I doubt they sell many Nazi-themed trinkets to tourists in Germany, but in Japan it's pretty much fine.

Stern-faced dog says:
That's a bad idea.

How right you are, stern-faced dog. You are, as ever, wise and perceptive, and you talk just like my father.

Big kiss, little kiss, big hug, little hug
Genghis XxOo


James Connor said...

I suppose that's where you got the idea for "Beatleship Yamato" eh? :D

Genghis Kong said...