Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Genghis Kong vs. Frisbee Head

Okay - I was gonna leave this post until, like, the end of the week or something and then do a bi-i-i-ig summary of everything I've done recently, first week at school, how everything's going etc etc, but a few things have come into my possession or come to my attention in the last couple of days, so I thought I'd quickly share them with you. Hopefully you'll enjoy them.

First things first: The Shelf of Tat.

Guess what this is...

Okay, so it's clearly a drinks can, but can you guess what it contained?

If you look very closely at this lovely young lady's cleavage you might be able to work it out, although the photo isn't very high quality I'm afraid.

Got it yet?


Believe it or not this is what passes for a Dr Pepper can in this country. It knocks the pants off ours, doesn't it?

The big scary lady has a speech bubble which proclaims "GOOD! TASTE!!"
And the little green surfer-goblin-dude at the bottom is saying "ENJOY! DRINKIN!!"

Don't worry little green surfer-goblin-dude, I enjoy drinkin every day.

Stern-faced dog says:
That's quite enough of that for today!

I suppose you're right, stern-faced dog. I suppose you're right.

Second: Genghis Kong's Catwalk

This is a new fashion-related segment I'm thinking about introducing, although I don't know how regular it will end up being.

Yesterday I went to the park to play. I fell down and gashed up my knee something rotten (see yesterday's post for details), but before I did that I did manage to purchase a rather snazzy bright pink Flying Ring (y'know, a frisbee thing), which I quickly decided was far more use to me as a funky hat than as a frisbee.

Here's a little photo of me wearing it and looking lovely. Credit also due to Scott for adding to the overall loveliness of the photo.

Tres chic, non? I did manage to persuade a Japanese girl that this was a really fashionable style of hat in England. She told me all Englishmen are idiots and now she calls me Frisbee-head whenever she sees me. I think I'm totally in there, man (Dude! She was hot! I should totally bang her!!).

Incidentally this photo was taken at Hub: The English Pub in Harajuku where I met up with Scott and got drunk. The night ended in classic fashion - I came home a bit drunk, had a beer and went to bed, while Scott missed his last train home, got stranded in some countryside town 20 miles from where he lives, spent a few hours chatting up some Japanese housewife, then bought a pack of beers got wasted and fell asleep in alcove in the train station. Proper quality. Or as Scott would say, "Proper cash". I don't know why he speaks that way.

I think it's fair to say that a good time was had by all, and the night was a resounding success for everyone involved.

Finally I would like to share with you a moment of serendipitous happenstance and fortuitous coincidence. I hold this as compelling evidence in support of Noel Edmonds' "Cosmic Ordering" theory, or whatever nosense he goes on about.

[For reasons unknown, the following passage has all been in written in a strange westcountry/wandering minstrel/Lord of the Rings kind of stylee. I don't know why - it just amused me.]

Walking down the street, I was, minding my own business (as I am wont to do about Tokyo town), when I bethought myself I did hear a familiar strain carried 'pon the breeze. I could not quite place it - faint it were, and coming from someplace far off, but Id have sworn blind 'twas a tune I know.

Then the wind stilled for a moment and the traffic became all hushed, so's I could hear it clear for a few seconds.

"Good Lord!" thought I, "Why I'd bet my good leg that that were the famous 'Dschinghis Khan' by popular seventies german disco combo 'Dschinghis Khan'" and indeed the tune were plum similar. But then I listened a mite more closely.

"Surely not," says I, "for though it do sound for all the world like that classic disco anthem, the lyrics are all in Japanese and it's sung by little girls. It must be some coincidence, or a trick of my mind." And I thought on it no more.

But later that eve, when I got me back to me shack, I were perusing the internet, looking for amusing tidbits and fancies to tickle my funny-bone and to entertain my audience, and I came across the most curious thing, I did. There 'twas, clear as day and sure as eggs is eggs, right there on Youtube: Genghis Khan by Berryz Koubou.

Here 'tis for all to admire:

Who'd have though it, eh? In all honesty, I think they've made it significantly worse, but still - how strange. They don't seem to have pop charts in Japan, as far as I can tell, but this was a massive hit in May of this year. Incidentally, out of that troupe of dancing girlies only 3 of them did any vocals on the track, and their average age is about 14.5, so don't be getting any ideas.

On the plus side, this now means I can sing Dschinghis Khan at Karaoke and peole will actually recognise the song! Time to brush up on my German methinks!

Right - I need to do some homework (at least I've got my priorities right - blog first, homework later).

I'm afraid Berryz Koubou will have to suffice as your 'hilarious' musical signing-off tune.

Much love and happy times,
Genghis x

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lolwut said...

words cannot express how fucking awesome i look in that photo. if anyone is ever looking for a good night go to moriya. alcoves are pretty comfy and they even got some stray dogs