Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Genghis Kong vs. the Cyclone

There are all these funny wet things falling from the sky. It's horrid.

I'm going to Bestival tomorrow and all these horrid wet things keep falling from the sky, or, to quote a great philosopher, "Eeeee! The water's coming!". It'd better not be raining all weekend otherwise I'll be angry. I will actually fight the weather. With a knife. Damn fool weather don't know who he's messing with. Bitch don't know who I am! I'm the Juggernaught, bitch!

But anyway, here I am on my (de facto) last day in Bath, writing what may prove to be my last blog written from England. I'm all packed up for Bestival - I've got my wet wipes, rain poncho, underwater welly boots, Now 32! on cassette etc. I'm particularly proud of the provisions I have bought myself, which feature Primula and gherkins in a starring role. Fingers crossed I'll not get my Primula mixed up with my toothpaste at any stage...

I'm feeling rather paralysed by fear and anxiety at the moment. I keep turning round and looking at my packing for Japan (still not packed), but the sight of it fills my with such dread that I have to turn back to my computer and continue researching the curious life cycle of the fig wasp. Now, that's some good procrastination.

I fear I'm rambling more than little and run the risk of becoming incoherent or simply boring so I shall sign off here.

Much love to you all. My next post may well be written from Tokyo! Wish me luck, and always remember:

fa diddly qua qua
fa diddly qua qua
fa diddly qua qua
fa diddly qua qua

(I quite like this little silly-lyrics/80s-pop-video sign off. I might keep doing it)

Love and sparkles,

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