Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Genghis Kong vs. Sport

This is why:

Okay, I know it's not that bad really, but still - the first time I do a sport in months/years/aeons and I end up hurting myself. Some would call this a sign from God.

Others would just say I'm an idiot.

Either way I shall do no more sport until my leg has healed a bit, because right now it stings like a bitch.

That's it for now, I'm afraid, although there will hopefully be a much longer post soon - plenty has happened to me in the last few days to be worthy of a proper update.

And yes, you'll get a song at the end of it.



oli_on_his_travels said...

Sport my arse. Since when has falling over drunk been recognised as a sport.

Genghis Kong said...

Yo - I wasn't even drunk! I was just sporting a little too viciously for my own good...